Friday, December 9, 2011

Organic Creativity

Organic creativity requires stimulation, motivation and mentorship. A learning experience can certainly create this atmosphere, but more importantly the learner needs to take their own accountability for this process to take form. I have been fortunate a few times now in my academic pursuits as an educator & a researcher, wherein a few learners have managed to present thoughts not expected in a form of this nature.

Hadi & Haitham present their pitch to Kijiji for their next international foray. They took their presentation to Prezi for a non-powerpoint display for a change.

Trevor, Amal & Natalia took the MS Kinect, modified the SDK available and created the sensory interface to present their point of the "connect" of Kinect in Healthcare. This group hopes to take this to the commercial arena in some form - watch out for them.

Organic creativity exists in these spaces and the drive shown by some of these folks is clearly lacking in traditional organizations. My thesis would be that perhaps an organization should stop their own creative processes and do what they do best - produce, manufacture, sell & support, while leaving the creativity to the more economical, creative & organic playground of a learner space.

This educator will certainly heed to this and will seek out learners where they are, to mentor & support them, providing for the best of both worlds.

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  1. A combination of innovative minds is defiantly more effective than 20 years of outdated, traditional techniques. A thought that needs to be adapted by various institutions, especially the public sector.

    Haitham Gaafar