Monday, March 30, 2015

Education - What if?

I was asked an impromptu question on Twitter yesterday on an article ( on education and some very quick thoughts on it are as follows, but more importantly, throwing tech at a problem will not solve our core issues..

1- A monetized system for education creates a class system for the haves and have nots. It should be a right, freely available to those that want it. This consumerist nature has made it a business where students are consumers and universities are vendors. What learning are you to have when the primary goal is to ensure a black bottom line and the expectation of customer satisfaction? The paper certificate you get does not have a value because it is not earned, it is purchased.

2- Education should be informed by fact not fiction; textbooks should not be influenced by personal belief as they are, leading to a falsehood of historical & scientific fact. A separation of education and church should exist.

3- The generational focus on varying subjects has led us to a strong focus on STEM these days when it needs to be a healthy combination of the arts, the sciences, mathematics, social sciences and others. Focus on uniquely customizable individualistic models rather than a one size fits all, which does not work. If people are individuals, why is education not geared to each?

4- Lastly, education does not exist simply in the four walls of an institution, it is the job of the educators, the family members, business leaders, community members, etc to provide the learning we all continually need through life.