Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Going for the Gold ....

Recognition beyond compare. I teach the notion of evaluation & compensation being based on performance & function, but I also talk about the monetary and non-monetary remuneration pieces that make-up a successful work experience. There is too much being done about too little identification of the individual and a general acknowledgment of the larger whole.

Team based achievements, group based work methodologies and collaborative work environments are all great to have, but individual growth takes a back seat only to be stifled due to a lack of motivation.

If this economy continues its roller coaster ride through time, while delivering diluted versions of our strong academic past, it will be imperative for success to not only be recognized, but also identified to begin with. Its like that old joke, even if you did clone a sheep, would you know the original from the clone - question being, did we ever before know one sheep from another?

I was recently nominated and identified as a finalist for an IT Leader of the Year award. On my trip back, I realize that, even though I did not come back with the medal around my neck, I did come back even more energized (albeit my physical batteries could do with some serious charging) to see myself at the winning circle, and not inching but speeding away from my closest competitors. My fellow finalists were a who's who of consummate executives and to be equated to a caliber that high is a testament in itself. Now imagine, how I would have felt, should I have won ....

Its all about the greater good, but individuals are part of the greater whole. Greater success is not possible without individual success and this nonchalant attitude towards it being a team effort, further disillusion's the individuals' need to succeed and grow. Let's celebrate the pit crew, but let's not forget the driver.