Friday, July 19, 2013

Transitions - so many meanings ...

Transitions is a bit of a cathartic word for us at WeUsThem Inc. - one of my latest ventures. We have as a group moved from focusing primarily internationally to focusing more on clients within our local market. We have come to the realization that there are some great projects to be had here as well and although we will continue to serve our clients internationally, we plan to push further with enticing clients with our level of work, here in Canada, and more specifically in the Atlantic region.

As we transitioned from where we had our focus and the type of work we did, we also took a bit of a transition into what has turned out to be a phenomenal piece of work and an equally impressive client. We have recently worked with & Dr. Stan Kutcher in revamping what is a seminal resource for students & youth alike transitioning from schools to universities that is truthfully a resource that can be used both pre and post that transition point.

Transitions, as the resource is called, is the first of its kind nationally and will make its way to the hands of educators, health care professionals, parents, counselors, concerned citizens and of course the youth in short order through a variety of mechanims, be it within their schools, at the universities, not for profits, directly from or a variety of partners that I'm sure will want to ensure they can facilitate its delivery.

The rumour mill tells me that there will be an official launch forthcoming for the resource and there are quite a few interested parties that will be both endorsing and supporting the resource. It is no surprise that this resource has received this level of attention & feedback, as the subject matter is being delivered by an expert in the field. Our role in bringing the content to light through imagery, visualization and contextual placement through layouts, design & illustrations have only added to what is leading edge evidenced based content.

What is impressive about this entire experience is the level at which the material has been written, which is a healthy blend of evidenced based subject matter, written for their target demographic, the youth. The fact that there has been a clear understanding that at times large resources like this are hard to carry around, and therefore a pocket/passport version of it has been created as well is a key indication of understanding the pulse of the audience.

Upon Dr. Kutcher's insistence, it is noteworthy that the resource is being offered at no cost online on the web site at: Apple App Store App, which is both interactive & informative providing even for a self assessment, is being offered at no cost at:
In addition to the free versions, a minimal cost for print versions are being offered through Amazon at:
Large Version:
Pocket Version:
Ironically, Amazon has taken it upon themselves to provide this at a further discount as well.

In addition to all the mediums above, the resource is also being made available as an eBook/iBook through the Apple iBookStore at:

A recognition that the print version no longer is the only method for obtaining such education & information is a clear indication of the modalities of learning being applied at Health information presented & delivered in a fashion that is holistic, yet accessible is uniquely unavailable these days and to see one beating the norm is certainly a laudable pursuit.

Congrats to, Dr. Kutcher & their team on Transitions and we do appreciate being able to partner with them on this fabulous initiative.