Friday, May 15, 2009

What's in a name?

So, why this name? Why a blog? Why now?

If you can't beat it, join it! I have yet to buy into the whole Web 2.0 phenomenon and am yet to be sold on this form of communication, however, here I am. The concept of managing information in this medium is lost to say the least, let alone the random content that at times now receives prominence in an already crowded world tends to be questionable at best.

The argument of the open nature of this medium is well made, i.e. literature, broadcast media, freedom of speech, etc. etc. have taken a new form. Content is king (or queen)! The problem I have however is, that the quality of the content, in my humble opinion, has gone down. Again, that's not fair either, as I would suggest that the quality of the rich content never actually went down, only got lost in the world, we now know as the web, which has a rooming house, a boarding house, a dorm, or even a shoe sized box for any tom, dick or harry (why those names, I never understood!).

So.. Why am I here? What can you expect from me? And more specifically, what can you expect from me through this interface? Well, if you know me and have met me, you probably know of my quirky nature of being a straight shooter. Well, here it is folks; the straight shooter is going virtual and is bringing his thoughts in a wider forum for everyone's consumption. Random musings, random thoughts, from literature to culture, from politics to bureaucracy, from public to private, join me in my exploration of the depths of nothingness to the heights of infinity.

Oh and if you are asking, why the name? Well, its funny; blogspot has a lot of names already taken and the one's I preferred, are no longer available and then I happened by Ideo Locator. It caught my attention, spoke to my ego and prefaced what I wanted to say. For those of you not in the know, Ideo Locator is what we know as the "you are here" arrow on traditional maps.

A couple of quick administrivia items; this blog can be sent to you over e-mail (I'm a traditionalist and still believe in that good ol form, however, most people I know, would throw my BlackBerry out the closest window), commentary is moderated (are you surprised, with some of the stuff that gets posted these days) and this is a work in progress.

Finally, welcome to my blog, or should I say a blog that I am now vacationing in, and will decide on the permanent residence when the time is right.

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